BBB Acredited Business

Bobby Ford Roofing and Construction

uses life time shingles on every job.

Bobby Ford Roofing and Construction

installs shingles per manufactures specifications on all jobs.
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Bobby Ford Roofing and Construction is a Texas based quality Roofing and Construction Company installing residential as well as commercial roofs.

With over 20 years of combined roofing and construction experience, Bobby Ford Roofing is accredited with the BBB, and has 2 million dollars in liability insurance. Our company is located in Watauga, Texas as well as Houston, Texas


Quality only happens when good people work with good material and are directed by people who care about quality. We stand behind every job we do. So we’re careful to use only the best materials, which make up an entire roofing system, using people that are properly trained and supervised. We charge enough to do it right – and make a profit. Does that mean we charge more? No, you’ll find we’re pretty much in the middle of most quotes. You can certainly pay more, but you won’t get a better job for the money. There’s an old saying, ” The Bitterness of Low Quality remains long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten.” We agree.

If you look closely at our estimate and compare it with others, you will notice that most roofing contractors are not quoting you a complete premium quality roofing system. And it may be true that some people are not looking for a premium quality system anyway. Nevertheless, most estimates you receive from other roofing will at the surface look the same, but there are major differences when you look closely at what materials are being used. For example, both companies may be quoting a 30 year Architectural shingle, but if you look closely on the estimate at the material that is being used you will notice that most other roofing contractor quotes include basic builders grade products, and mix material manufacturers, instead of giving you a complete system from one manufacturer, which carries a much longer warranty.

We also included include things in our quote that most other roofing contractor’s simply don’t include at all, such as: Starter Shingles to be used at the eave and rake to reduce the risk of shingle blow-off; Drip Edge installed around the entire eave of the house (where the gutters typically are) which prevents water, insects and animals from entering the fascia board and soffit and areas; Ridge Vents or Power Vents, which enormously increases the amount of air movement in the attic and therefore conserves energy, keeps the house and shingles cooler, and helps them last longer.

BOBBY FORD ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION - 6245 RUFE SNOW #280 (O) 682-365-7079 (F) 817-887-2380 WATAUGA,TEXAS 76148
BOBBY FORD ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION - 14420 WALTERS ROAD #66 (O)281-301-8374 (F) 281-397-6558 HOUSTON TEXAS 77014

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